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Conservatory Blinds


Are you looking for conservatory blinds? Do you want to add privacy, reduce glare, or make a more comfortable conservatory environment by controlling heat transfer?

Your conservatory should be a comfortable living space; an extension of your home. Too many conservatories, however, are too hot in the summer and fail to provide the environment that is really needed in the living space. As a result people get far less use out of their conservatories than they should.

Traditionally people have opted to buy expensive, heavy blinds in order to reduce glare, keep the conservatory a bit warmer and add privacy. Today, an increasing number of homeowners are choosing to use specialist window film in order to get the same benefits in a much more practical way.

Making You More Secure

What is window film?


Conservatory window film is a layer of film that is added to the glass of your conservatory. It is bonded to the windows, but can be removed at a later date if needs be.

The window film provides all the benefits of conservatory blinds, but adds a few that are particular to this solution.


What are the benefits of conservatory window film?


Because the window film is bonded to your windows it adds safety and security. If a window is broken by accident, or by a would-be intruder, the glass sticks to the window film rather than shattering on the floor. This is safer, and also creates a more difficult barrier to penetrate.


When you choose window film for your conservatory you can select the specific benefits that you are looking for. For example, you can pick security window film that is clear, blocks out UV light, and is particularly thick, making it almost impossible for a burglar to break through. Alternatively, if glare is your major problem, you could choose window film that blocks out glare and reduces external visibility to the interior. If your conservatory is too hot in the summer then you could choose window film that is specifically designed to reduce heat transfer, and therefore block out up to 78% of heat, making a more comfortable internal environment.


All of our conservatory window film provides UV protection, blocking out up to 99% of the harmful UV rays you would otherwise be exposed to. As well as protecting you from the UV rays, your furniture, flooring, carpet and other internal property are protected, meaning you can almost eliminate sun damage and fading colours.


Interested in window film as an alternative to conservatory blinds?


If you want to find out more about the simple process of installing window film in your conservatory then get in touch today. It is often cheaper than buying expensive conservatory blinds, and the film is long-lasting as well. More and more homeowners are turning to window film as an alternative to conservatory blinds.

We provide our services throughout Sussex, including Brighton, Hove, Seaford, Eastbourne and Lewes.

Get in touch and find out if this is a better solution for your conservatory, and for a free consultation to help you choose which window film offers the blend of benefits that you are looking for. We can normally provide you with a quote over the phone, but for big projects we may come to your residence for a free inspection to provide a more comprehensive quotation.


Office blinds


Are you looking for office blinds in Sussex? Are you trying to make your office environment more comfortable? Are you looking to reduce direct sunlight, reduce glare, add privacy, or make your office more safe and secure?


Have you considered specialist window film as an alternative to office blinds?


Many people come to us looking for office blinds and end up choosing window film instead. The reason they do this is that window film can offer all the benefits that you are looking for and more, and is a really convenient solution.


An increasingly popular solution


Office window film is becoming more and more popular as businesses realise the advantages that it has over expensive office blinds.
We work with businesses on high streets, adding privacy by tinting the windows to stop people seeing in easily, and reducing distractions from the exterior by reducing the view of the exterior. We work with other companies whose priority is to cut down on air conditioning bills in the summer. You can choose the exact characteristics of the film that you require. You can even go for clear window film that still reduces glare, blocks UV light, and safety and security and brings all of the other benefits.

A little more about specialist office window film


Office window film is bonded to the glazing. It is a thin layer of film that provides a lot of different benefits. It can be removed at a later date, can be installed quickly, is really simple to maintain, and is often cheaper than expensive office blinds. Let’s take a look at some more of the benefits.

  • It can block out 99% of harmful UV rays
  • It can block out up to 78% of heat from the exterior, reducing air con bills
  • It maintains your view of the exterior even if you want to add privacy by tinting
  • It lasts for many years and is easily maintained
  • It minimises, or even eliminates the fading of wood flooring, carpets, upholstery, furniture and artwork etc
  • It adds safety and security, because the window glass is bonded to the film and therefore does not shatter
  • It can provide an extra layer of insulation, reducing loss of heat from the office in colder months, reducing heating bills

Are you ready to find out more?


If you are ready to find out more about why people are choosing specialist window film rather than office blinds then get in touch today. We cover most of the Sussex area, including Brighton, Hove, Lewes, Seaford and Eastbourne. If you are within a reasonable distance of Sussex then feel free to get in touch.
We can come to you and provide you with a free inspection and quotation so you know exactly what our window film installation will cost. We can also consult with you to ensure that you get the right window film for your needs; with the blend of benefits that are best suited to your office.