Car Window Tinting

Are you looking for high quality car window tinting? Do you want to get the added protection, style and value that window tinting can offer your car?


At Sussex Window Tinting we are experts in tinting car windows and have many years’ experience providing quality service in the Brighton area.


Most of our new business comes through word-of-mouth recommendations, which is testimony to the fact that we do a great job in every project. We offer value, quality and convenience.

Adding style and value to your car

The window film we use can block out up to 99% of the UV rays entering your car. Not only do the tints look great, they also protect the interior of your car from fading and other damage caused by ultraviolet rays. Tinting your car windows therefore adds value, style and preserves the long-term value of your car.   Remember – ALL our work carries a LIFETIME GUARANTEE.

Keeping the kids safer

Our window films protect your young ones from the dangerous effects of ultraviolet light; the main cause of skin cancer. Most stick-on sun screens only reduce direct sunlight and are far less safe.

Our window films also ensure that your children can feel more comfortable and cooler in the car. Hot temperatures can lead to agitation, and the inevitable bad tempers. By creating a more pleasant car environment you make every journey a happier one.

Don’t be a target for thieves

Quality car window tinting ensures that you are less of a target for thieves. Most car thefts are opportunistic affairs where thieves spot something in a car and break a window. Our window tinting car installations mean thieves can’t see what is in your car, and that windows will be more difficult to get through because the glass is held together by the window film.

So why choose us?

We have decades of experience tinting windows on every make and model. Whether you have a BMW, Mercedes, Chrysler, Ford, Honda or any other make, we can get the job done perfectly first time. Our experienced technicians will consult with you to ensure that you get the shade you require, whilst meeting the requirements of British road standards. We will then install your car window tints with precision, using only the highest quality of product. Our after sales service ensures that any problems are fixed quickly and that you always have 100% peace of mind. We are committed to our customers and that is why we get so many word-of-mouth referrals.


With thousands of car tints behind us we know how to do the job and always have the can-do attitude required to get the job done to perfection.

Call us or fill out one of our online forms today to get a free quotation on the tinting of your car windows. You will find our car window tinting quote in Sussex highly competitive. The quote is free and with no obligation, so get in touch today.

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