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Are you looking for a window tinting service in Brighton? Are you looking for specialists rather than generalists? Do you need help and guidance on the best solutions for you?


At Ultimate Tinting we are specialists in window tinting. Our Sussex service has helped thousands of customers to achieve the benefits of tinted windows in their automobiles, residential properties and commercial premises.

Vehicle window tinting Brighton

We are the leading local Brighton-based car window tinting specialist. We tint windows for every make and model. Most car models have established dimensions for the windscreens and windows. We can therefore precut your window tints before your appointment. If your car is unique we can measure and bespoke fit the window film for you.


We are highly skilled, trained, window film installers and use only the best quality products. Our window film can be removed without trace, so can be used for contract lease cars or it can be removed when you want to sell the car. Our vehicle tinting is guaranteed for the lifetime you own the car. We follow a quality process using quality materials and therefore you won’t experience bubbling, flaking or peeling.

Residential window tinting

We have worked on many properties and conservatories in the Brighton area. Some of our customers wanted increased privacy and security, others wanted a more subtle tint to add to the aesthetic appeal of their residence. All of our tints block out 99% of harmful ultraviolet rays and therefore reduce fading within the property and protect the inhabitants from the harmful effects of these rays.

Commercial window tinting

We have tinted many windows in Brighton city centre, and many commercial premises around the city. Whether you need your exterior doors and windows tinted, or you want a stylish tint effect with your logo on your conference room, we can help. Our services are affordable and can really help enhance your brand image.

Why choose us?

We are part of a nationwide network. This provides us with incredible resources, yet we retain the local business feel and have local knowledge. We strive in every project for perfection. We bring a can-do attitude to every situation. All our staff are highly trained and experienced so we get the job done right first time. All of this combines with our lengthy guarantees to give our customers peace of mind. Take a look at our testimonials to find out what our past customers have said about us.

We can normally provide an accurate quote on your car window tinting project over the phone. With residential and commercial projects will often come to you so that we can understand the scope of the project better and give you a clear idea of the cost. Give us a call today to get the ball rolling, or to have your questions answered. We are here to help!

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