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We work with every make and model and can even bespoke tint unique vehicles. If you’re looking for the best car window tinting service in Sussex

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Whether you are looking for High Street windows to be tinted for privacy and increased security, or have a conference room for which you require

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If you want to increase the privacy in your home and make the environment more comfortable then we can help. Whether it is your conservatory

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At Ultimate Tinting we offer the best home, automotive and business tinting solutions.  You can count on us to provide a practical window film solution every single time. If it is glass then we can tint it.

Sunshine is part and parcel of everyday life. It brings welcome warmth with it whenever it arrives. However, where glazed areas are concerned it poses some problems. Some of these include solar heat gain, overheating of conservatories, fading of furniture and carpets, bright glare, and so on. For many, finding a solution for these problems has been a costly challenge.  At Ultimate Tinting Sussex we use our vast knowledge and decades of practical experience to provide long lasting solutions to your problems.

Automotive Tinting: Our automotive tinting installations feature a multi-layered film, which protects the interior of any vehicle from the impact of sunlight, whilst also adding privacy and enhancing the look of the car or van.

Residential tinting: Our residential tinting service is your alternative to costly blinds, and we guarantee films that will remain durable for at least a decade. Our residential tinting solution blocks heat and UV rays without impacting view through the tinted area; the best of both worlds.

Commercial Tinting: Our commercial tinting service provides you with low-maintenance films that can drastically improve the work environment, thereby improving productivity and staff satisfaction.

With all the projects we undertake we take time to properly understand the best solution for you; we will guide and advise you, and provide you with free quotations on your various options. Installations of window film are usually not complex. However, the level of security required, amount of heat and light to block, thickness of film, and so on, are factors that must be carefully considered if you are going to get the results that you want. This is where we excel!

All of our tinting film installations come with a range of useful benefits. You stand to gain these benefits to a greater or lesser degree regardless of which option you elect to go with:

  • Reduced heat transfer both ways through your windows
  • Safer windows, with glass that is bonded to the film and so does not shatter
  • Rejection of up to 99% of ultraviolet rays; safer on the skin and less fading of your belongings
  • High performance films backed by a 10 year manufacturer guarantee

Contact us today for a free quote on any of our window tinting services in Sussex!