Why more homeowners are looking to film their conservatories

23 Jan Why more homeowners are looking to film their conservatories

Window film has traditionally been seen as something that you use to tint cars, and not a solution for your residential conservatory. However, over recent years more and more homeowners and tenants have cottoned onto the benefits of using window film to create a more pleasant, more secure conservatory living space.

Away from conservatory blinds

The traditional solution for keeping bright sunlight out, keeping the conservatory a little warmer and adding some privacy was to purchase conservatory blinds. For a long time this seemed the best solution. However, the lifespan of a conservatory blind tends to be short with frequent use; especially when children are thrown into the mix.

How is window film different?

Specialist conservatory window film does not hang or require operation. It is bonded to the glazing and provides 24/7 protection from ultraviolet rays. You can also choose the level of light that comes through, creating a slightly darker environment, and even preventing nosy neighbours from seeing into your extra living space at all.

One way in which window film is dramatically different to conservatory blinds is in the added security and safety it brings. If you’re windows are smashed by an accident or when an intruder was trying to get in, the glass does not fall to the floor. Instead, it sticks to the window film. This means that intruders have to do get through the window film and not just the glass. With specialist security window film this can be nigh on impossible. If the cause of the broken glass is an accident there isn’t glass all over the floor for people to hurt themselves on.

Conservatory window film is very low maintenance. You can clean it with just about any cleaning agent, as long as it doesn’t contain ammonia. With long guarantees, the value for money gained through window film installation really can’t be bettered.

A solution for tenants not just homeowners

If you want all the benefits of window film but you are renting a house you can still go through the process. Most landlords say they are happy for you to do whatever you like to a property, within reason, as long as you return it to its former condition at the end of the tenancy. Conservatory window film is totally removable. Therefore, you can keep the heat out in the summer, add some insulation in the winter, reduce glare, add privacy and block out those deadly UV rays without worrying about upsetting the landlord.

The reality is that installing window film on your conservatory in Sussex can be around the same price as buying expensive window blinds. It is a quick and simple process that can be done in a few hours, and won’t break the bank.

These and many other reasons are why more and more homeowners and tenants are choosing to film their conservatories.

If you are interested in finding out more about the process, or want a quote for your conservatory then please get in touch with Ultimate Window Tinting Sussex today. Our experts are ready to quote you happy.

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