Using window film to make your automobile more secure

22 Jan Using window film to make your automobile more secure

When we purchase a new vehicle, whether it’s a car, van or bus, one of the concerns is that it is going to be stolen. When a vehicle is broken into it can cause a lot of stress, even if the vehicle isn’t taken. If we rely on the contents of a van for our business, for example, then the tools and equipment we need going walkies can be extremely damaging to our business, reputation and cash flow.

One very sensible way that lots of people are securing their vehicle is by using automobile window film. This is essentially the tinting film that you see on many cars these days. However, if security is your primary goal then you will be looking for a limo tint (complete block out) and security standard film.

How is security film different?

Security automobile film is stronger and normally thicker than standard tinting film. The film is bonded to the glass, so that if the glass is broken it simply sits on the window film, and the barrier to entry remains. It is possible to get window film that is practically impenetrable these days.

Limitations on security window film

When you are installing window film you should bear in mind that you generally aren’t allowed to tint your front windscreen at all. From windscreens must let through 75% of light. Clear glass already blocks around 15% to %20 of light and therefore any extra tint really isn’t practical or legal. Similarly, the side windows must let through 70% of light. This means a light tint may be possible, but certainly not enough to block the internal view from the exterior.

Thankfully, when we are looking to protect a vehicle we are generally considering the contents in the back. For example, your van back windows may be the doorway to untold riches for an opportunistic thief. However, if the windows are totally blacked out, and are secured with high-grade window film, the contents in the back will not be viewable, and thieves won’t be able to get to it through the windows.

Window film also provides other benefits. For example, it blocks out 99% of ultraviolet rays, meaning your upholstery, dashboard and any equipment or belongings in the back are less likely to fade (UV light is the primary cause of the fading we see in homes and automobiles). The film could also insulate the car so that it is warmer in the winter, and cooler in the summer.

If you are considering securing your work vehicle or private car with window film get in touch today for a free quotation. We can normally quote you over the phone and get the job done in a matter of hours. Window film is not a total car security solution, but it can be an excellent deterrent, and a serious barrier for thieves.

Why worry about your vehicle when, for a relatively small amount of money, you can secure it, and protect your belongings inside.


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