How window film makes your home safer

22 Jan How window film makes your home safer

We all want to feel safer and more secure. If you ask psychologists they will tell you that this is at the base of the pyramid of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs; this peace of mind is fundamental to our happiness.

Feeling secure with specialist window film

Sussex Glazing Services advise: one way that more homeowners and tenants are gaining this feeling of security is by installing specialist window film on their windows and patio doors. For many of us the nightmare scenario of waking up and hearing someone rustling downstairs is a constant, nagging stressor at the back of our minds. So how does window film help?

Window film is bonded to your Windows and patio doors. In fact, any glass can take the window film and receive the many benefits that it provides. From a security standpoint the window film is attached to the glass, and therefore when the glass is broken it doesn’t shatter on the floor, but rather it holds to window film. Specialist security film is virtually impenetrable. Burglars that are faced with the challenge of trying to get through this window film are far more likely to be seen than they are to get through it.

Some people choose to install security film on all of their lower floor windows and glass doors. Other people choose to use it only on the most vulnerable spots in the house, such as the ‘window at the side of the house’.

So how much does residential window film?

The cost of installing residential window film depends on the product you go for, the size of the project and of course the charges by the installation experts. Some people choose to DIY, but when security is the concern it is often better to bring in people who know what they are doing.

As a rough guide window film costs little more than the price of an expensive window blind. Installations normally come with 10 year guarantees, meaning great value for money.

Are there any additional benefits to window film?

Security isn’t actually the primary benefit of window film for most people. Window film can be made transparent, or it can be tinted to add the level of privacy to the window that you want. Window film can also reduce heat penetration by up to 78%, meaning a more comfortable, cooler environment in the summer; not to mention lower air-conditioning costs where appropriate. In the winter this insulating effect keeps more warmth in. Window film is also good for your health, blocking 99% of ultraviolet rays-the type of light that causes cancer. Blocking this light also means that your property doesn’t fade so much, meaning your fabrics stay vibrant.

Security window film isn’t a total security solution for your home. However, it can provide a very useful extra barrier to entry. If you want to find out more about how residential window film can secure your property, and all the other benefits that come with it, then get in touch with Ultimate Tinting Sussex today.


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